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Friday, 20 October 2017

Totoro Scrambled Egg & Sausage Tortilla Wrap 龙猫墨西哥饼卷

Character Food Art - Totoro Tortilla Wrap stuffed with lettuce, scrambled eggs and sausage. Instead of serving a sausage with the ordinary scrambled eggs, I thought of wrapping it up and shaped into a cute Totoro, serve with fresh fruits for a complete breakfast. It's a great way to encourage my child to eat raw vegetables. 


How I made it:

1. Prepare cooked sausages, scrambled eggs, lettuce, mayonnaise and tortilla wraps.

2. Place a piece of lettuce on the tortilla wrap, layer with some mayonnaise, top with scrambled eggs and sausages.

3. Fold up from the bottom, as shown in the picture below.

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4. Fold up from 2 sides, as shown in the picture below.

5. Use a pair of scissors, trim two pointy ears. Fold down the middle part and tuck in at the bottom. 

6. Place it on the serving plate.

7. Add facial details using cheese, seaweed and fried spaghetti.

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